Take Action: End U.S. drone missile attacks in Pakistan!

Freedom_Forward_Logo_stackedAccording to U.S. military adviser David Kilcullen, 98% of the victims of U.S. drone missile attacks in Pakistan have been innocent civilians.  Now Vice President Biden wants to expand these attacks.

Click here to say no.

Drone missile attacks kill innocent Pakistani civilians, undermine U.S. political objectives, and fail to weaken Taliban or Al Qaeda forces.  At a time when Vice President Biden is arguing for more drone missile strikes, our policymakers need to hear from us.

Click here to email key policymakers in the Obama Administration and State Department.

Your message will arrive in the specific inboxes of the officials responsible for U.S. foreign policy — not some generic email folder.

Tell them to end these attacks.

Since 2006, U.S. drone missile attacks in Pakistan have killed hundreds of Pakistani civilians. These attacks cause significant misery for average Pakistanis and create massive anti-American sentiment.

Our government would not fire missiles into a terrorist hideout in New York, Berlin or Madrid.  Let us treat Pakistani civilians with the same respect for life.

Tell the Obama Administration to end drone missile attacks in Pakistan.

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