Research Fellowships / Pakistan Voices Project

Project start: March 2010



Freedom Forward is considering applications for a limited number of volunteer research fellowships.  Research Fellows will support the Pakistan Voices Project, a series of focus groups involving Pakistani and Pakistani American communities in the US.

The Pakistan Voices Project will result in a nationally released report that will inform the broader American debate on US foreign-policy towards Pakistan.  Research Fellows shall make a minimum commitment of 10 hours to the project, though larger commitments offer the opportunity of more in-depth work.   Research Fellows shall be credited in the final published report.


Often, US debate regarding Pakistan can ignore Pakistani and Pakistani American voices.  As a result, American policymakers can at times make either short-sighted or ill-informed decisions that hurt average Pakistanis in Pakistan.  These decisions can end up hurting US interests as well.   Freedom Forward wants to change this by bringing Pakistani and Pakistani American voices into mainstream American political discussions.

The Pakistan Voices Project:

Over the next three months, Freedom Forward will conduct a series of focus groups with Pakistanis and Pakistani Americans in the US. These focus groups and interviews shall culminate in a published report, as well as commentary in the mainstream U.S. media.

The Pakistan Voices Project shall specifically focused on the perspectives of those who have lived in Pakistan or have significant Pakistan-based experience.  We want to share with American policymakers and the broader American public the perceptions of US-based Pakistani voices regarding US foreign policy towards Pakistan.

Research Fellowships:

We are seeking volunteer Research Fellows to help conduct community outreach, interviewing, transcription, writing, and analysis.  The primary focus for research fellows shall be on the last three work areas highlighted: transcription, writing, and analysis.

The project will require a minimum total availability in March 2010 of 10 hours.  However, the greater the availability, the greater the opportunity for productive participation.  Freedom Forward Research Fellows shall be credited in the final Freedom Forward Pakistan Voices Report.

Research Fellow Qualifications:

Strong candidates for a volunteer Freedom Forward Research Fellow position will possess the following:

  • Undergraduate or graduate level education.  Research fellowships shall be tailored to applicants’ academic background and skill set.  Candidates whose education is currently in progress are also encouraged to apply.
  • Familiarity with Pakistani and Pakistani American communities.
  • Urdu proficiency a plus but not required (reading, writing, and/or speaking ability).
  • Strong writing skills and a solid work ethic.
  • Successful track record of project completion.
  • Minimum availability of 10 project hours in March.  More significant fellowship projects can include larger commitments of time between March and May of 2010.

To apply:

E-mail a cover letter and resume to Freedom Forward:  No phone calls please.

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