Gaza Update: The MV Rachel Corrie

The Israeli government has stopped the MV Rachel Corrie, the latest ship to challenge Israel’s blockade of Gaza.  The crew was unharmed.

However, the damage to the Gaza blockade has been done.

A chorus of international voices — including prominent world leaders — are now calling for an end to the current blockade.  It is a triumph of international solidarity and civil disobedience against a deeply immoral policy.  Even more ships are expected to challenge the Israeli blockade in the days ahead.

The real question now is what the future holds for Gaza.

Will Gaza Palestinians be allowed live normal lives, in an economy that facilitates employment, opportunity, and freedom?  Or will they be forced by Israel and Egypt to continue to live on humanitarian aid from the international community — under a repackaged blockade that is still just as offensive to the human spirit?

In the days ahead, Freedom Forward will continue our efforts to advocate for a meaningful peace that is fair to all of the people of the region — including Gaza.  We will need your support and involvement.  Thank you for joining us in this campaign.

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