Senator Feinstein: Support the Jewish ship to Gaza!

In the latest effort to advance Middle East peace, Jewish activists in Europe have announced that they will sail a ship to Gaza in July.  The goal is to challenge the Israeli blockade of 1.4 million Gaza Palestinians.  For freedom to begin, the blockade must end.

Will you stand up for the Jewish boat’s safe passage to Gaza?

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The Israeli government has already used force against a prior Gaza flotilla.  Israeli leaders have also used “grey tactics” — sabotage — to keep such ships from setting sail.

But back in the U.S., not every elected official is supporting Israeli actions.  U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein has already called for an “impartial inquiry” and spoken critically of “Israel’s forced isolation of Gaza.”

Please ask Senator Feinstein to take the next step.

Urge her to call on the Israeli government to ensure the safe passage of the Jewish ship to Gaza.

True reconciliation cannot occur until both Israelis and Palestinians live in peace and prosperity.   That’s why U.S. elected officials must stand up for the Jewish activists who are challenging Israel’s blockade on Palestinians in Gaza.

Please take a moment to email U.S. Senator Feinstein.  Urge her to tell the Israeli government that they must guarantee the safe passage of Jewish activists bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza.

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