Oppose the AIPAC letters.

The pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC is recruiting U.S. senators and representatives to defend Israel’s siege on Gaza.  A large number of elected officials have already signed Senate and House letters to President Obama.

While the Israeli government has announced that it will be changing its Gaza blockade policies, pro-Israeli lobby groups in the U.S. are still trying to defend past Israeli actions.

Your elected members of Congress need to hear from you. If they have already signed the AIPAC letters, tell them that you oppose their decision.  If they haven’t yet done so, please tell them that you don’t want them to.

Click here to take action.

We have already done the work for you.  Once you type in your zip code, our online activist system will automatically determine which message you should send — and to whom.

Please click here to take action.

The Israeli blockade of Gaza has been an obstacle to regional peace and Palestinian freedom.  It is time to stop defending it.


(Links:  the AIPAC Senate letter, House letter, Senate signers, and House signers.  PDF format.)

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