A Just Withdrawal?


The U.S. war in Afghanistan rages on, with no positive end in sight.  It is now longer than World War II, and it has cost over $300 billion.  That’s $1,000 for every person in the U.S.

We at Freedom Forward want your help as we craft our policy position on the Afghanistan war.

Specifically:  What is the most morally responsible way to leave Afghanistan?

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Your feedback can be as simple as a sentence or as in-depth as an essay.

As we think about what a responsible exit looks like, here are some of the questions we are asking.  Feel free to answer any that stand out to you.  You may share other concerns as well.

  • If we leave, what about the interests of Afghan women who currently live in areas free of Taliban control?
  • What about Afghans who worked for the U.S. military or international aid agencies?
  • How should the U.S. interact with a future regime if it includes Taliban leaders?
  • What if the future regime is ONLY Taliban?
  • Should international aid continue to flow to Afghanistan after a military withdrawal?  To who?
  • Are there ways to minimize potential internal repression after a full withdrawal?
  • What about the interests of neighboring nations?

Officially, the debate over an exit strategy continues.  President Obama now seems to be wavering on his original date of July 2011 for the beginning of troop withdrawals.  And there are other questions as well.   For starters, will there be permanent U.S. military bases in Afghanistan?

But back to our request.  What is the most morally responsible way to leave Afghanistan?

Thanks for your input.  Click here to give it.

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