Let Gaza live.

Gaza Palestinian Fatma Sharif wants to get a Masters degree in Human Rights.  Unfortunately, the Israeli government won’t let her.

As with many other Gazans, the Israeli government has barred Ms. Sharif from leaving Gaza to attend Birzeit University in the West Bank.  The Israeli High Court affirmed the decision.

Will you stand up for Fatma Sharif and her freedom to learn?  Will you call on the Israeli government to let Gaza live?

Please click here.

It has been nearly a month since Israel announced changes to its Gaza blockade.  Unfortunately, these “new” policies still keep Gazans from living normal lives.

Israel still blocks Gaza businesses from directly accessing raw materials like cement and steel.  Israel still prevents Gazans from exporting their finished goods outside the territory.

No raw materials + no exports = closed factories = mass unemployment

That’s why Israel’s decision to let more consumer goods into Gaza is unlikely to have significant impact.  If you can’t get a job, you can’t earn the money necessary to purchase new products.

So long as Israel maintains its Gaza blockade, peace is but a dream.  And so long as U.S. taxpayers are forced to give Israel billions, U.S. policy must link those funds to an end to the Gaza blockade.

Please click here to show your support for Fatma Sharif and the 1.4 million Gaza Palestinians who still live under an Israeli blockade.

They deserve the freedom to live their lives – a first step towards meaningful peace.

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