Tell the Wall Street Journal: Report Both Sides of the Drone Missile Debate

The US government has dramatically escalated drone missile strikes in Pakistan. In a replay of the buildup to the Iraq War, major US newspapers are failing to ask tough questions in response.

The Wall Street Journal’s October 2nd headline story is one example of how reporters are only quoting US government officials and ignoring critics. As a result, Americans aren’t getting both sides of the story.

Drone missile attacks kill innocent Pakistani civilians, cause others to hate US foreign policy, and simply push terrorists more deeply into Pakistan.

Please urge the Wall Street Journal to report on both sides of the drone missile debate.  Americans need to know both sides, not just government talking points.

Click here to send an email to the Wall Street Journal reporters who wrote the piece: Adam Entous, Julian Barnes, Siobhan Gorman, and their editors. A copy of your email will go to Freedom Forward to track the campaign.

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