Last month, five nations officially recognized Palestine. Let’s thank them.

In the last month, five different Latin American governments have officially recognized Palestine as a country — Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay and Ecuador.

Brazil has even marked off land for a new Palestinian Embassy.

Will you thank them for supporting peace? Click here.

These countries have taken action because the Israeli government continues to build Jewish settlements on what is left of Palestinian land.  Meanwhile, our own US Congress forces US taxpayers to subsidize Israel’s anti-peace behavior.

That’s why this new international development is so important.   If more countries recognize Palestine, the United Nations could ultimately seat Palestine as a member of the UN General Assembly.  Not only that, but Israel would face even greater international pressure to end its control of Palestinian life.

Please click here to send an email thanking these nations’ ambassadors for supporting peace.

Your email will go to the Washington DC embassies for Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Ecuador.  A copy will also be sent to Freedom Forward.

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