Urge US media to cover the Egypt protests

Time is of the essence.

Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak has cut off all Internet access in Egypt.  Before the lights went out, Egyptian activists on Facebook said that they feared a massacre was about to happen.

Under the cover of media darkness, Mubarak may try to slaughter his democratic opposition.

Unfortunately, you might not have read this on key news websites in the US.  As late as Thursday evening, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and even NPR made little or no mention of these events on their homepages.

That’s why these news organizations need to hear from you.  Right now.

Click here to email these key US media organizations. Tell them to devote serious media resources to the protests in Egypt.

Increased US media coverage may cut through the Internet darkness and force the Mubarak dictatorship to back away from bloodshed.  Many Egyptians’ lives may depend on it.

Click here to send your email.

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