Urge the US Media to tell Malalai Joya’s story

Across the US, people are increasingly debating the Afghanistan War.

So why is the Obama Administration preventing an important voice from being heard?

Malalai Joya is a brave Afghan woman who has been deeply critical of both the Afghanistan war and Afghanistan’s warlords.  On the eve of her 2011 US book tour, the US government has denied Ms. Joya an entry visa.

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According to reports, their justification was that she is “unemployed” and “lives underground.”  Having criticized Afghanistan’s warlords, Ms. Joya has gone underground to protect her life.


In 2005, Ms. Joya was elected to the Afghanistan Parliament at the young age of 27.  In 2010, Time Magazine declared her to be one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

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As the American people continue to debate the Afghanistan War, we need to hear this important voice.

Ms. Joya has been to the US before.  According to her publisher at Scribner, Alexis Gargagliano, “We had the privilege to publish Ms. Joya, and her earlier 2009 book tour met with wide acclaim. The right of authors to travel and promote their work is central to freedom of expression and the full exchange of ideas.”

If the US Embassy in Afghanistan is going to block Malalai Joya from being heard, the American people need to know about it.

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