The US and Iraq: Don’t Erase History

The defenders of the US invasion of Iraq are attempting to rewrite history. Will you help us stop them?  Click here to take action.

Last month, US Representative Dana Rohrabacher called for Iraq to consider “repaying the United States” for “helping them establish democracy.” Meanwhile, former President George W. Bush is now taking credit on his website for having “liberated millions of people.”

The US invasion of Iraq led to the deaths of at least hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians.  Two million more Iraqis became refugees.  They did not ask to be invaded.  This is not the path to democracy that any society would want.

Tell Rep. Rohrabacher to stop erasing history.

It may seem difficult to imagine, but the day may soon come when the US invasion of Iraq is no longer considered an immoral and catastrophic act.  As the Iraqi people get back on their feet, more and more political elites in the US may point to this recovery as a sign of the invasion’s “success.”

If we truly want a US foreign policy that supports the aspirations of people around the world, we must be honest about our past. We cannot allow US politicians to replace the history of Iraq’s suffering with a fictional romance of liberation.

Otherwise, it will be even easier for policymakers to repeat such an invasion in the future.  After all, before Iraq, there was Vietnam.

Please take action now.  Stand up for the real history of the US invasion.

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