Tell Congress: Stop Blocking Palestinian Freedom

This week, Palestinians will ask the United Nations for official recognition of a Palestinian state.  Unfortunately, the US Congress has already voted in overwhelming opposition.

Why are elected US officials trying to block Palestinian freedom?

Please tell your Member of Congress that you oppose their vote.  And if your Member of Congress was among the brave minority who did not oppose Palestinian efforts, please thank them.

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The pro-Israel lobby has been pushing the US Congress to oppose Palestinian efforts.   Led by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — or AIPAC — the pro-Israel lobby is campaigning in Congress against the Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN.

In response, the US House of Representatives and US Senate recently passed official resolutions opposing the Palestinian campaign at the UN.  These resolutions (H. Res. 268 and S. Res. 185) call on the Obama Administration oppose the Palestinian campaign.

In the US House of Representatives, 407 out of 435 elected representatives voted for the anti-Palestinian resolution.  In the US Senate, the resolution was passed by unanimous consent, with 90 out of 100 senators even cosponsoring the resolution.

Please tell Congress to stop blocking Palestinian freedom.  Click here to take action.

Right now, elected officials are used to hearing primarily from the pro-Israel lobby.  We need to turn the tide so that elected officials who stand against freedom feel the heat — and officeholders who do the right thing earn our praise.

Members of Congress are calling on Palestinian leaders to drop their UN efforts and return to direct negotiations with Israel.  But Israel has already stalled peace talks and rejected compromises for a “two-state” solution.  Meanwhile, the Israeli government continues to build Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank that are illegal under international law.  These settlements are making a “two-state solution” less and less possible.

UN recognition of a Palestinian state does not prevent future negotiations.  It just makes the Palestinian call for freedom even louder.  As Palestinians push for their freedom, the United States Congress needs to get on the right side.

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Alexandra Robinson
Freedom Forward Campaigner

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