Will Egypt’s military hear the vote of the people?

Egyptians deserve the democracy they’ve been struggling for. Our own US government should not stand in the way of their progress.

Unfortunately, the US is providing over $1 billion a year in military assistance to an Egyptian military that continues to violate its people’s rights.

As the US Congress debates budget cuts at home, the US Senate has considered new language that would restrict $1.3 billion in aid to Egypt until the Egyptian government completes democratic elections and ensures its citizens’ rights.

Please urge Congress to end US taxpayer support for Egypt’s military regime. The Egyptian people deserve democracy, not another unelected government.

Egypt has consistently received over $1 billion in annual U.S. aid since 1979. Most of the funds have gone towards the Egyptian military – what is referred to today as the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF). Under the leadership of Field Marshall Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the SCAF has run Egypt’s transitional government.

Egyptians are striving to end the legacy of the Mubarak dictatorship, but the SCAF military government has continued many of the past dictator’s policies. Torture, military trials, and censorship are all still very real in Egypt today – even though the Mubarak years are over.

That’s why US taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize the Egyptian military regime. Please click here to tell Congress that the US government should not be providing military aid to a nondemocratic government in Egypt.

When the Egyptian Revolution began in January 2011, the Obama Administration was hesitant to voice support for the protestors condemning Mubarak. However, the Administration has since rhetorically supported the democratic movement in Egypt and has provided some resources to educate potential political actors about democracy and democratic mechanisms.

However, continuing to provide unconditional aid to Egypt’s military junta could reinforce the same anti-democratic practices that deprived Egypt’s people of their political and civil liberties in previous decades. Please urge Congress to end US tax dollar support for Egypt’s military regime.

Egyptians deserve a full transition to democracy, not another unelected government.

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Alexandra Robinson

Freedom Forward Campaigner

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