Thank UNESCO for Recognizing Palestine!

Will you support UNESCO’s call to protect Palestinian heritage and culture? 

Your action is especially important because opponents of Palestinian freedom in the US are emailing UNESCO with messages of opposition.

One month back, Palestine was accepted as a full member to the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in a landslide vote. Out of 173 total votes, 107 votes supported the move, 52 abstained, and only 14 voted no.

In response, laws written by Congress were immediately triggered that cut off US funding to the UN organization.  US law currently requires a cutoff in aid to any UN organization that recognizes a Palestinian state.  Until the aid cut, US funding for UNESCO accounted for 22% of the agency’s total annual budget — $80 million a year.

Why is UNESCO being punished for recognizing the right to freedom for the Palestinian people?

Please thank UNESCO for its vote.   Palestinians deserve freedom and international recognition.  Congress should stop standing in the way.

Over the past six decades, successive US presidents have repeatedly blocked UN resolutions  that aim to advance Palestinian freedom and justice.  The US is usually one of only a handful of objectors to such resolutions.

To justify its vetoes, the Obama Administration continues to argue that peace for Palestinians can only be achieved through direct negotiations with Israeli leaders.  But such negotiations have failed to deliver a viable solution, and the Israeli government has continued to build settlements on what is left of Palestinian land.

Now, in response to UNESCO’s democratic process, both the United States and Israel have responded with intentions to punish both UNESCO and Palestinians.

In concert with the US’s punitive response, Israeli leaders announced that they will accelerate settlement expansion in the West Bank.

Please email UNESCO today.  UNESCO needs to hear that people in the US support their decision.


Dalia Marina

Freedom Forward Campaigner

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