Hiring: Dictator Research Fellowship

About the Fellowship:

The Dictator Research Fellowship is a volunteer position with Freedom Forward. The goal of this volunteer research fellowship is to research U.S. elites who promote U.S. alliances with dictatorships.

U.S. elites who actively promote U.S. alliances with dictators draw from a range of sectors, including political, military, civil society, media, and private sector backgrounds. Such promoters include both Democrats and Republicans. Some even work directly on behalf of dictatorships’ interests.

Research fellows shall work together as a team under the supervision of Freedom Forward to develop profiles on prominent U.S. promoters of dictator alliances. These profiles shall be used for public campaigns that engage the U.S. public and challenge U.S. foreign policy.

Summary:  Volunteer fellowship, part-time to full-time available, 3 months term, renewable based on performance, location flexible.

About the Project:

The U.S. government maintains close alliances with many dictatorships in the Middle East and beyond. These dictatorships take multiple forms, from hereditary monarchies like Saudi Arabia to brutal “presidencies” like the government of Egypt.

U.S. political, military, and business elites help perpetuate these alliances despite the damage done to the societies that these dictators rule over. Meanwhile, many U.S. citizens are ambivalent about these alliances or actively reject them.

The Dictator Research Project is focused on highlighting those U.S. political, military, business, and media voices who help promote or perpetuate these alliances. Freedom Forward will use research and public pressure to end such relationships so that people living under dictatorial governments have greater opportunities to seek political reform and social change.

Desired Qualifications and Skills:

  • Experience with research. Economic or business research experience is a plus.
  • Knowledge and interest in African, Asian, and Middle Eastern societies and issues.
  • Commitment to and interest in human rights, social justice, and/or corporate social responsibility.
  • Motivation and ability to work independently
  • Strong written communication skills. Strong attention to detail.
  • Experience or exposure to political advocacy and/or grassroots activism a plus.
  • Specific knowledge of repressive governments in the Middle East a plus, including Syria and repressive U.S. allies such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, etc.
  • Arabic, French, or other language proficiencies a plus, but not a requirement.

How to Apply:

  • Please email cover letter, resume, references, and a writing sample to: action@freedomforward.org.
  • Please state preferred start / end dates and specific time availability.
    Write “Dictator Research Fellowship” in the subject line.

Deadline: Applications considered on a rolling basis.

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