Join our Human Rights Fellows, community voices, and community partners.

  • Human Rights Fellows: College and graduate students, as well as recent graduates, who commit at least 5 hours a week for one semester.  Learn more and apply here.
  • Community Voices: Community members who commit at least 10 hours a month for three months. Coming soon.
  • Community Partners: Local and national organizations who partner with Freedom Forward on our shared campaigns in communities across the U.S. Coming soon.

What Freedom Network participants do:

  • Build support for specific tangible actions that local communities can take to end the U.S. alliance with Saudi Arabia’s brutal monarchy and other nondemocratic governments.
  • Educate the community about the costs of U.S. alliances with Saudi Arabia and other brutal governments, including Egypt, Israel, and other monarchies across the region.
  • Recruit community allies, get endorsements from local VIPs, hold events, write opinion pieces, and introduce allies to our shared campaigns.

Our approach:

  • End the U.S. alliance with Saudi Arabia’s brutal monarchy and other nondemocratic governments.
  • Launch tangible campaigns that communities across the U.S. can join to have a direct impact on political freedom, human rights, and a end to the Saudi / UAE war in Yemen.
  • Hold businesses and organizations accountable for taking the money of the Saudi monarchy and the funds of other brutal nondemocratic governments.

Why focus on Saudi Arabia’s monarchy?

  • Saudi Arabia’s monarchy is the largest customer of the U.S. arms industry.  The Saudi monarchy has used these bombs and weapons to kill thousands of civilians in Yemen.
  • The Saudi monarchy imprisons women activists, executes its critics, and opposes democracy in the countries around it.
  • The Saudi monarchy is closely allied with other repressive nondemocratic governments across the Middle East, including the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, and Israel.
  • The Saudi monarchy spends and invests millions of dollars in the U.S. on public relations, lobbying, and business deals. The money is also spent on U.S. think tanks, universities, nonprofit organizations, and public events. The goal is to influence U.S. politics and buy the silence of major U.S. businesses.

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