Urge Saudi Arabia to stop violating mothers’ rights!

All around the world, mothers face challenges to their health, well-being, and freedom. Saudi Arabia’s dictatorship is a terrible example.

Restore Full Funding to the World Health Organization now!

Over 160,000 people are calling on the Trump administration to restore full funding to the World Health Organization (WHO), especially as the Coronavirus threat continues to grow worldwide.

Israel: Stop Blocking Coronavirus Health Care

We are calling on the government of Israel to stop preventing Palestinians from accessing Coronavirus health care.

Uber: Kick the Saudi Dictator Off Your Board of Directors

Over 15,000 people are now calling on Uber to remove the Saudi dictatorship from the Uber board and cancel the dictator’s $3.5 billion investment.

We Are Not Saudi Arabia’s Army

Sorry Trump, but we are not Saudi Arabia’s army.