Freedom Forward works closely with allied organizations and communities to help end U.S. alliances with nondemocratic governments.

July 23, 2019:  UAE | Letter to US Tennis Association (text / pdf).

July 23, 2019:  UAE | Letter to Endeavor (text / pdf).

  • 10 organizations urged Endeavor to end the United Arab Emirates sponsorship of the July 2019 Silicon Valley Classic.  The brutal UAE monarchy is a sponsor of the Silicon Valley Classic women’s tennis tournament via the UAE Mubadala investment fund.  Endeavor company IMG owns and operates the event.

July 9, 2019:  Yemen | Letter to U.S. Congress leaders (text and pdf).

  • Freedom Forward and 40+ organizations urged U.S. congressional leaders to stop U.S. military support for the Saudi Arabia and U.A.E.-led Yemen war by passing important amendments to the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

May 11, 2019:  UAE | Letter to Anti-Defamation League (text)

  • Freedom Forward and allies called on the ADL to cancel their May 14th event “celebrating tolerance” with the brutal monarchy of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Media:  Here and here.