Right now, the Biden Administration is deciding whether or not President Biden will fly to Saudi Arabia to shake the hand of oil dictator Mohammed bin Salman – aka “MBS.”

This would be a terrible idea and a big step backwards for human rights and democracy.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration itself appears to be struggling with significant internal debate over whether or not Biden should go.

Bottom line? We don’t know if President Biden has made a decision. And that’s why your voice is critically important right now.

Please take these immediate steps to urge President Biden NOT to shake the Saudi dictator’s hand:

1. Send a personal email to President Biden’s national security team:

President Biden’s National Security Advisor is a man by the name of Jake Sullivan. Sullivan’s key staff include Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer and Chief of Staff Yohannes Abraham.

Cut and paste these email addresses into your own email. You can also use the draft message below.

White House email addresses:


Draft email – please copy, paste, and customize:

Dear Mr. Finer and Mr. Abraham,

I’m writing to express my strong opposition to President Biden meeting with Saudi Arabia’s oil dictator, Mohammed bin Salman. It would be hypocritical for President Biden to speak up in support of democracy in Ukraine while simultaneously reestablishing relations with a brutal dictator.

Saudi Arabia’s dictator is responsible for thousands of deaths in Yemen, and the Saudi oil company Saudi Aramco is the world’s worst corporate climate polluter. The Saudi dictator still has not been held accountable for the murder of American resident Jamal Khashoggi, and many Saudi human rights activists continue to languish in the dictator’s dungeons.

I firmly oppose President Biden meeting with Mohammed bin Salman.


2. If you use Twitter, please retweet these messages:

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