Thank the Wall Street Journal for Covering Drone Missile Critics

Thanks to emails from Freedom Forward activists, the Wall Street Journal has begun improving its coverage of US drone missile attacks.

In its latest online reporting on drone missile strikes in Yemen, the Wall Street Journal took a step in the right direction by including the voices of civilians and critics.

The newspaper’s earlier piece on Pakistan only quoted US officials and ignored drone missile critics.  In response to your emails, their latest article includes critics’ views.

The online version even includes Reuters video footage of Yemeni civilians expressing their fears of being killed by US drone attacks.

Click here to thank the Wall Street Journal for including both sides of the drone missile debate.

Pakistani Voices: Atlanta and San Francisco

The Pakistan Voices Project has begun.  This month, Freedom Forward will be conducting focus groups with Pakistani community members from the Atlanta and San Francisco regions.

These mark the first in a series of opportunities for Pakistanis and Pakistani Americans living in the U.S. to share their perspectives with the broader U.S. public.   To participate in the Pakistan Voices Project, email

From Pakistan to the U.S. — New Voices Join the Call

An Islamabad student, a journalist in Bonn, a U.S. Navy veteran outside Seattle — these are some of the people adding their names to The Call for a New U.S. Policy Towards Pakistan.

The list of signers has grown to include corporate managers, professors, lawyers and others across multiple continents.

Consider joining The Call.

Now is the time to support the rule of law and democracy in Pakistan.

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Join the Call: A New U.S. Policy Towards Pakistan

For too long, U.S. foreign policy has supported individual Pakistani leaders and dictators at the expense of Pakistani civil society and democracy.  This needs to change, and you can help.

A core group of independent  scholars, activists, and human rights advocates has authored The Call for a New U.S. Policy Towards Pakistan.  Freedom Forward is proud to be one of the participants in this effort.

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