Hiring: Dictator Research Fellowship

July 30, 2017

About the Fellowship:

The Dictator Research Fellowship is a volunteer position with Freedom Forward. The goal of this volunteer research fellowship is to research U.S. elites who promote U.S. alliances with dictatorships.

U.S. elites who actively promote U.S. alliances with dictators draw from a range of sectors, including political, military, civil society, media, and private sector backgrounds. Such promoters include both Democrats and Republicans. Some even work directly on behalf of dictatorships’ interests.

Research fellows shall work together as a team under the supervision of Freedom Forward to develop profiles on prominent U.S. promoters of dictator alliances. These profiles shall be used for public campaigns that engage the U.S. public and challenge U.S. foreign policy.

Summary:  Volunteer fellowship, part-time to full-time available, 3 months term, renewable based on performance, location flexible.

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Another nation recognizes Palestine.

January 16, 2011

This month, the government of Chile announced its recognition of Palestine as “a free, independent and sovereign state.”

Five other Latin American governments did so last month — Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay and Ecuador.

Will you thank the Chilean government for supporting freedom?  Click here.

More and more nations are calling for justice in Palestine.  They need to know that they have international public support.

Please email the Chilean government today — lets keep the momentum going.

Your email will go to Chile’s embassy in Washington DC.   A copy will also be sent to Freedom Forward.

Last month, five nations officially recognized Palestine. Let’s thank them.

December 30, 2010

In the last month, five different Latin American governments have officially recognized Palestine as a country — Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay and Ecuador.

Brazil has even marked off land for a new Palestinian Embassy.

Will you thank them for supporting peace? Click here.

These countries have taken action because the Israeli government continues to build Jewish settlements on what is left of Palestinian land.  Meanwhile, our own US Congress forces US taxpayers to subsidize Israel’s anti-peace behavior.

That’s why this new international development is so important.   If more countries recognize Palestine, the United Nations could ultimately seat Palestine as a member of the UN General Assembly.  Not only that, but Israel would face even greater international pressure to end its control of Palestinian life.

Please click here to send an email thanking these nations’ ambassadors for supporting peace.

Your email will go to the Washington DC embassies for Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Ecuador.  A copy will also be sent to Freedom Forward.

Turkish Foreign Minister calls Gaza an “open prison”

September 30, 2010

Speaking at Harvard on Tuesday, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu called Gaza an “open prison” and stated, “Enough is enough.”

The criticism of Israel’s blockade on Gaza came during a q&a session following the Turkish official’s speech at the Harvard Kennedy School. Freedom Forward thanked Mr. Davutoğlu for his government’s support of humanitarian aid activists who challenged Israel’s blockade by sea.

During the q&a session, Freedom Forward asked what future Turkish foreign policy would be regarding Gaza.  Mr. Davutoğlu’s response was blunt and to the point:

Today in Gaza, 1.5 million people are living in an open prison. I saw the bodies of children from Gaza after the attacks of Israel in December 2008, using phosphoric bombs [in] a place where people are living in a concentrated manner and you are attacking from the air. It is unacceptable. We can not be silent to this tragedy.

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Let Gaza live.

July 13, 2010

Gaza Palestinian Fatma Sharif wants to get a Masters degree in Human Rights.  Unfortunately, the Israeli government won’t let her.

As with many other Gazans, the Israeli government has barred Ms. Sharif from leaving Gaza to attend Birzeit University in the West Bank.  The Israeli High Court affirmed the decision.

Will you stand up for Fatma Sharif and her freedom to learn?  Will you call on the Israeli government to let Gaza live?

Please click here.

It has been nearly a month since Israel announced changes to its Gaza blockade.  Unfortunately, these “new” policies still keep Gazans from living normal lives.

Israel still blocks Gaza businesses from directly accessing raw materials like cement and steel.  Israel still prevents Gazans from exporting their finished goods outside the territory.

No raw materials + no exports = closed factories = mass unemployment

That’s why Israel’s decision to let more consumer goods into Gaza is unlikely to have significant impact.  If you can’t get a job, you can’t earn the money necessary to purchase new products.

So long as Israel maintains its Gaza blockade, peace is but a dream.  And so long as U.S. taxpayers are forced to give Israel billions, U.S. policy must link those funds to an end to the Gaza blockade.

Please click here to show your support for Fatma Sharif and the 1.4 million Gaza Palestinians who still live under an Israeli blockade.

They deserve the freedom to live their lives – a first step towards meaningful peace.

BBC Photos: “Gaza’s new mud homes”

May 27, 2009


From BBC:  “Gazans have begun building with mud.  Under Israel’s blockade, building materials cannot enter the Strip, leaving the owners of several thousand homes destroyed in the recent conflict unable to rebuild.”