21 International human rights and civil society NGOs announce support for “A People’s Vision for Reform in Saudi Arabia” in a joint statement

WASHINGTON – Today, a group of international human rights organizations formally endorsed “A People’s Vision for Reform in Saudi Arabia,” the Saudi-led blueprint for democracy and human rights for the people of Saudi Arabia. 

The People’s Vision, launched in November 2020 by a diverse group of nearly two dozen Saudi intellectuals and activists in exile, is a first-of-its kind effort to advance a democratic future for Saudi Arabia with protections for human rights, free expression, and political participation. The organizers channeled the demands of Saudi activists whose voices have been stifled by the regime’s brutal crackdown against peaceful dissent.

Leading organizers of the People’s Vision last week held an event in which they unveiled new endorsements from prominent Arab world leaders, including former Tunisian president Al-Munsif Al-Marzouqi. For the first time, they called on global rights groups to back their effort as well. 

The 21 NGOs announced their support in a joint statement  released today. 

The new endorsements include: 

  • ALQST for Human Rights
  • Freedom Forward
  • Action Corps
  • The Freedom Initiative
  • Project On Middle East Democracy
  • European Saudi Organization for Human Rights (ESOHR)
  • Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain
  • European Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (ECDHR) 
  • DAWN
  • Codepink
  • Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia (CDHR)
  • Migrant Workers Voice 
  • International Service for Human Rights (ISHR)
  • Kawaakibi Foundation
  • FairSquare
  • Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights
  • Equidem
  • Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR)
  • Peace Action

The People’s Vision was first organized to counter the flawed “Vision 2030,” the economic changes overseen by Saudi Arabia’s oppressive ruler, Mohammed bin Salman, that entirely omits human rights and social justice reforms. 

“It is time for global civil society to show our support for the brave Saudi Arabian dissidents who are calling for democracy and freedom in their homeland,” said Sunjeev Bery, Executive Director of Freedom Forward.  “For too long, Western governments have offered lip service for democracy while arming and supporting Saudi Arabia’s dictatorship.  The people of Saudi Arabia should be able to choose their own government in free and fair elections, and the People’s Vision is a first step towards achieving that reality.”

“The People’s Vision is a bold and necessary step towards the true realization of democracy and human rights in Saudi Arabia. We support the Saudi people as they demand respect for their rights at home and shape a future for Saudi Arabia in which it can be an influential actor for good on the global stage,” said Andrea Prasow, executive director of the Freedom Initiative.

Please contact Nicole O’Neil at (202) 615-9903 or if you would like to speak with representatives from the People’s Vision and the supporting organizations.